Three Years Later and Rauner Still Has No Plan for Quincy Veterans’ Home Crisis

Chicago, IL – After the deaths of 13 residents at the Quincy Veterans’ Home almost three years ago, Bruce Rauner put the fact that he still has no real plan to address the crisis on full display this week.

Bruce Rauner has desperately attempted to spin the deaths of 13 Veterans and their family members to avoid responsibility, lied to the public about the cost of replacing the water system, pledged to fix the water system in his budget address, backtracked on that pledge, and has now proposed a fix that will take three to five years and may or may not actually solve the problem. After almost three years of fatal mismanagement, Rauner is still flailing, leaving Quincy residents at risk.

“Years after the Legionnaires crisis spiraled out of control and 13 people died, Bruce Rauner and his administration are still fumbling in their response instead of providing any clarity on how to keep Veterans in Quincy safe,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner has lied to Illinois families, put our state’s heroes at risk, and dodged responsibility so he could manage his public image instead of protecting our state’s heroes.”


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