Bruce Rauner Returns to Re-Entry Facility He Neglected

Chicago, IL – In his desperate search for accomplishments, Bruce Rauner is touting an adult re-entry facility today after neglecting the project for over a year.
The failed governor initially announced opening the facility in October of 2016, making big promises to reduce recidivism rates and help incarcerated people gain life skills – only to neglect on taking action for over a year. Now, with a resume short on accomplishments and a re-election campaign fast approaching, Rauner has decided to return to the facility he neglected to take credit for a promise he broke.
“After neglecting this vital project for over a year, Bruce Rauner demonstrated his propensity for lip service with no follow through,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “This governor breaks promise after promise and leaves a trail of destruction in his wake and it’s clear he can’t be trusted to come through for Illinois’ families when it really matters.”


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