Manic Monday: Rauner Melts Down Before Election Day

Chicago, IL – In a bizarre press conference this morning, Rauner stumbled and laughed through questions as he closed out his flailing primary campaign with desperate attacks on Democrats. 
After conservative media outlets have fueled Jeanne Ives’ rise, Rauner begged Republican primary voters not to support his insurgent challenger at the last-ditch presser. Rauner hypocritically railed on Democrats for running ads in another party’s primary, while dodging questions on his qualifications and accomplishments, nervously laughing nearly half a dozen times during Q&A.
“While Jeanne Ives continues to surge just hours ahead of Election Day, Bruce Rauner is manically melting down,” said Pritzker communications director Galia Slayen. “Rauner is sounding the alarm on his own sinking campaign as Illinoisans are preparing to vote in the primary he once took for granted.”


Michael Berger