National Review Slams Rauner — Again

Conservative Press Fuels Ives Surge Ahead of Election Day

Chicago, IL – After slamming the failed governor three times in 24 hours, the National Review is at it again, this time shining a spotlight on Bruce Rauner’s cowardice in “refusing to confront his challenger Jeanne Ives.”
National Review described the sole meeting between the two Republicans: “Ives successfully put the sitting GOP governor on defense about his failure to push through conservative policy during his time in office.” News reports from the time stuck a similar chord:

“After ignoring Jeanne Ives for months, Bruce Rauner is now running scared of a surging primary challenger,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “As Rauner tries to run on a record of failure, the Ives of March may unseat the most vulnerable incumbent in the nation.”


Michael Berger