Leading Conservative Press Blasts Rauner, Backs Primary Opponent

Chicago, IL – A leading conservative media outlet is revolting over Bruce Rauner’s failure as governor and blasting him for lying about his primary opponent who is reportedly within striking distance. 
The National Review went so far as to endorse Jeanne Ives’ insurgent candidacy while slamming Rauner three times in 24 hours. Let’s take a look:
From Rauner’s Latest Dishonest Attack on Conservative Challenger Ives:
With the Illinois primary elections mere days away, incumbent GOP governor Bruce Rauner is still slinging attacks at primary challenger Jeanne Ives. […] Rauner’s attempts to fend off Ives’s conservative challenge have largely centered around this theme, repeatedly calling the state legislator “Madigan’s Favorite Republican,” despite the fact that Rauner’s policies as governor have hewn much more closely to the Democratic party than anything Ives has proposed or supported.
From Jeanne Ives for Governor:
Rauner said he would cut the state income tax; after a long budget impasse, Republican and Democratic legislators overrode him to pass an income-tax hike. He said he would reform the pension system; he bailed it out under pressure, only to see the state’s credit rating downgraded anyway. He signed a bill into law that weakens immigration enforcement. Rauner inherited a bad situation, but since taking office he has mostly made it worse.
From Conservative Gains Ground on Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner in Primary Race:
Rauner has been criticized as the worst Republican governor in America. His state has one of the most sluggish economies, its credit rating is barely above junk-bond status, and it has the slowest personal-income growth in the nation. […] If Ives can continue her surge in the polls ahead of theMarch 20 primary, it may spell trouble for Rauner.
And we can’t forget Bruce Rauner’s cover story back in December — The Worst Republican Governor in America:

“After lying to voters time and again, conservative press is fueling Bruce Rauner’s insurgent primary challenger’s rise days before election day,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “With his own party splintering after years of Rauner not being in charge, this failed governor is seeing his support dwindle by the day as he limps to Election Day.”


Michael Berger