Three Questions Rauner Must Answer at Today’s Quincy Presser

Chicago, IL – After years of fatal mismanagement, Bruce Rauner is finally being forced to respond to the crisis at the Quincy Veterans’ Home where 13 died on his watch. With Rauner set to give an update to reporters in Quincy, here are a few questions he’s consistently failed to answer:

  • Does Rauner have a concrete plan to end the public health crisis in Quincy? Rauner and his staff present different vague proposals at every opportunity, often contradicting themselves.
  • How much will it cost and how long will it take? Administration officials have claimed replacing the plumbing will cost anywhere between $8 million and $500 million, and that a fix could take three to five years to complete. Which is it?
  • Does Rauner support an independent investigation into his fatal mismanagement? Even Rauner’s hand-picked candidate for attorney general called for an independent investigation into the Legionnaires’ crisis last week.

“Bruce Rauner’s fatal mismanagement is responsible for 13 tragic deaths in Quincy, but he has consistently failed to take responsibility or provide concrete solutions,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Even Rauner knows that Quincy faces a ‘health crisis’ that he let spiral out of control, but this failed governor remains asleep at the wheel when our Veterans need him most.”


Michael Berger