Rauner Vetoes Crucial Gun Bill, Offers Empty Proposals Ahead of Primary

Chicago, IL – One week ahead of his primary, Bruce Rauner vetoed a concrete step to help prevent gun violence and rolled out a long list of empty proposals that do nothing to immediately keep our children and families safe.
In a lengthy press release explaining his unconscionable veto, Rauner detailed the actions he is willing to take instead of passing this commonsense bill: convene a working group, explore a partnership, evaluate and closely examine practices. While daily gun violence ravages our communities and tragic mass shootings plague our country, this failed governor sits idly by.
“Convening a working group and exploring, evaluating, and examining various topics is Bruce Rauner dragging his feet and doing nothing to keep families safe,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner had a concrete solution to help prevent gun violence on his desk, but with his primary just a week away, he decided to play politics instead of doing what’s right.”


Michael Berger