Rauner Admits Spending Zero Percent of His Time Governing

Rauner: “My Time Is A Hundred Percent, All Of My Message, All Of My Time, My Attention” Focused on Political Attacks

Chicago, IL – Today, Bruce Rauner admitted he spends zero percent of his time governing and 100 percent of his time attacking political opponents. Rauner said, “my time is a hundred percent, all of my message, all of my time, my attention is focused on Madigan and Pritzker.” While Bruce Rauner plays politics and refuses to take charge, here’s how state government has been grossly mismanaged under his watch:

  • QUINCY VETERANS’ HOME: 13 Veterans and their spouses died after Rauner’s fatal mismanagement led to yearly outbreaks and a public health crisis spiraling out of control.
  • DCFS IN SHAMBLES: Children under the care of Illinois’ DCFS were abandoned by Rauner’s failed leadership.
  • GUN VIOLENCE INACTION: Rauner puts politics over keeping kids safe, vetoing a commonsense bill that would prevent gun violence just a week before his primary election.
  • FISCAL WRECK: Rauner tripled the bill backlog, dragged state and university bonds to record lows, and stifled the Illinois economy while he tried to force his agenda on Illinois during his budget crisis.
  • SERVICES SHUTTERED: Over a million Illinoisans saw services disrupted during Rauner’s budget crisis, with some social service agencies closing their doors entirely and students fleeing the state without MAP grants.

“Tragic mismanagement is what happens when a failed governor puts politics first and entirely abandons his responsibility to the people of this state,” said Pritzker communications director Galia Slayen. “As Bruce Rauner spends 100 percent of his time bashing political opponents, he is spending zero percent of his time actually taking charge of this state.” 


Michael Berger