Politifact Blasts Rauner’s Pathological Lie on Introducing “Balanced” Budgets

Calls Lie “Factually Challenged Narrative That the Governor Often Repeats”

 Chicago, IL – Bruce Rauner earned himself another Pants on Fire rating from BGA/Politfact for pathologically lying about introducing “balanced” budgets every year.
Fact checkers ripped apart Rauner’s blatant lie stating, “fiscal experts say Rauner has never proposed a balanced budget as required under the state Constitution since taking office in 2015.” Despite that clear evidence, Rauner continues his pattern of factual mismanagement, just this week repeating the budget lie at least three times: Monday at the Chicago Tribune, Wednesdayduring his State of the State address, and Thursday in Southern Illinois.


“With his approval ratings under water and his accomplishments nonexistent, Bruce Rauner is taking up the Donald Trump playbook of peddling blatant lies,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner’s disregard for facts and truth is an insult to Illinoisans still reeling from the damage done by his consistent failure to introduce a balanced budget.”


Michael Berger