Chicago Sun-Times: Bruce Rauner's Quincy Veterans Stunt is “Grandstanding”

Chicago, IL – In a scathing editorial Friday, the Chicago Sun-Times highlighted Bruce Rauner’s empty political gesture at the Quincy Veterans Home.
After 13 veterans and spouses died from Legionnaires’ disease on Bruce Rauner’s watch, the failed governor resorted to “moving into the Illinois Veterans Home in downstate Quincy for a few days, like it’s an Airbnb” according to the editorial board. The editorial continued, calling the move a publicity stunt and argued the failed governor was “grandstanding.”
“Bruce Rauner is conducting a political stunt instead of offering solutions and taking responsibility for this devastating crisis,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “The Illinois families who lost loved ones on Rauner’s watch deserve answers from the governor who let them down, not empty grandstanding.”


Michael Berger