The Real State of The State: Bruce Rauner's Fiscal Mismanagement

Chicago, IL – Ahead of the State of the State address, the Pritzker campaign is continuing a multimedia campaign highlighting the Real State of the State: how Bruce Rauner has mismanaged the state and hurt Illinois families. From skirting public accountability to derailing state finances and letting Illinoisans die on his watch, Rauner has proved Illinois is truly run by The Worst Republican Governor in America. 
Today we’ll take a look at Rauner’s fiscal mismanagement. Despite pledging to improve the state’s financial health on the campaign trail, Bruce Rauner has only made it worse. By creating an unprecedented 736-day budget crisis, Rauner sacrificed the state’s fiscal footing and undercut basic services for Illinois residents to advance his political agenda. State bonds were downgraded to near-junk status, the bill backlog tripled to a record high, and interest on late bills topped $1 billion, all while services for over a million Illinoisans were slashed.



Michael Berger