Pritzker Campaign Launches “The Real State of The State” — Day 1: Factual Mismanagement

Day 1: Factual Mismanagement

Chicago, IL – Ahead of the State of the State address, the Pritzker campaign is launching a multimedia campaign highlighting the Real State of the State: how Bruce Rauner has mismanaged the state and hurt Illinois families. From skirting public accountability to derailing state finances and letting Illinoisans die on his watch, Rauner has proved Illinois is truly run by The Worst Republican Governor in America. 
Let’s begin with factual mismanagement. Simply put, Bruce Rauner has a problem with the truth. For years, Rauner has gone out of his way to skirt FOIA, conflict of interest, transparency, and procurement rules that were put in place to protect the people — not the governor. Every time Rauner pulls the curtain back, the big reveal involves utter contempt for transparency laws and a total lack of regard for best practices, leading to loss of taxpayer dollars, and worse, the loss of lives.



Michael Berger