Failed Governor Can't Name a Single Accomplishment

Tribune's Editorial Board Questions to Rauner Speak for Themselves

Chicago, IL – At a Chicago Tribune Editorial Board session today, Bruce Rauner ducked, dived, and dodged responsibility when asked to name any accomplishments during his three years in office.

The Editorial Board tried multiple times to get the Worst Republican Governor in America to defend his record, asking why he earned the infamous title, why he has been talking about the same thing for three years with no progress, if he’s conducting personal business out of the governor’s mansion, and if he would participate in a single debate to expand on his nonexistent agenda. The questions speak for themselves:


Illinoisans reacted accordingly:


“After manufacturing a 736-day budget crisis, adding billions to our state’s bill backlog, holding school funding hostage, and decimating Illinois’ social safety net, there aren’t many questions that are easy for Bruce Rauner to answer,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “After today, it’s no surprise Rauner doesn’t want to defend his failed leadership.”


Michael Berger