Bruce Rauner Used Back Porch of Governor's Mansion as Personal Office

Questions Swirl Around Bruce Rauner's Unsealed Kirkpatrick Lawsuit

Chicago, IL – As pressure builds for Bruce Rauner to explain the recently unsealed Kirkpatrick lawsuit, a new report in the Chicago Tribune sheds further light on Rauner’s efforts to dodge transparency.

The lawsuit alleges Bruce Rauner met repeatedly with business partner Kip Kirkpatrick regarding an investment in Kirkpatrick Capital, including a meeting on the back porch of the governor’s mansion. Now, as questions about Rauner’s involvement build, his administration is refusing to release his schedule from the days in question as they work desperately to hide his potentially unethical conduct.
“Bruce Rauner is accused of using the governor’s mansion as a personal office and he is desperately dodging attempts at transparency,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “This lawsuit raises more questions about the extent of Rauner’s lies and unethical behavior than it answers and it’s time this failed governor come clean.”


Michael Berger