Bruce Rauner's Budget Crisis Cost Illinois Taxpayers Over $1 Billion

Sun-Times Dubs Rauner's Late Interest Penalties a “Foolish-Management Tax”

Chicago, IL – $1,030,000,000. That’s how much Bruce Rauner cost Illinois taxpayers by forcing the state into a historic budget crisis.
Not only did Rauner triple the bill backlog, but the failed governor racked up over a billion dollars’ worth of late interest penalties on unpaid bills. Now we know why Rauner vetoed Comptroller Mendoza’s Debt Transparency Act—to cover up the price of his gross fiscal mismanagement that imposed a “foolish-management tax” on Illinois taxpayers.
“While starving schools and social service agencies of state funding, Bruce Rauner poured over a billion taxpayer dollars down the drain,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “This is the definition of fiscal mismanagement from a failed governor whose damage done continues to plague this state.”


Michael Berger