Three Stories Bruce Rauner Didn't Want You to Read

Chicago, IL – While doubling down and launching more attacks to meddle in the Democratic primary, failed governor Bruce Rauner hoped to distract from the near-daily crises plaguing his flailing administration.
Just last Friday, Rauner faced a barrage of bad news, from secret lawsuits to withdrawing multi-million-dollar consulting contracts and more badmouthing Illinois. Here’s what Rauner hoped you didn’t read last week:

Chicago Sun-Times: Cook County judge orders lawsuit against Rauner ‘made open to the public’
A Cook County judge on Friday ordered the unsealing of a lawsuit filed against Gov. Bruce Rauner by a former business partner. […] Although his attorneys in court have fought to keep the case sealed, Rauner in October denied that he’s trying to keep the suit under wraps. He declined further comment on the suit.
Chicago Tribune: Illinois Tollway withdraws proposal for $9 million contract after comptroller complaint
The Illinois Toll Highway Authority on Friday withdrew a proposal to pay almost $9 million to a consulting firm to finish work on a technology upgrade after the plan was questioned by the state comptroller. […] The Tollway had already agreed to spend $7.9 million for a contract with Deloitte Consulting to implement the State’s Enterprise Resource Program, a technology project to help manage state finances.
Crain’s Chicago Business: Rauner trash talks his own state—as Amazon looks on
After declaring that we in Illinois “have what Amazon is looking for,” Rauner instantly added a Mt. Rushmore-sized asterisk: everything except fiscal sobriety and good government. Or, as he put it: “Gotta keep in mind, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, knows how bad taxes are (here). The state of Washington, where they're coming from, does not have an income tax. I think we'll have a better case to make if we show we're disciplined about our own taxes, that we've worked to keep our taxes low, to keep our taxes down.”

“Emerging lawsuits, shady contracts, and a propensity to stick his foot in his mouth, Bruce Rauner just can’t seem to help himself,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh.“No amount of political stunts will distract Illinoisans from the daily crises plaguing this failed administration.”


Michael Berger