Does Bruce Rauner Support Stripping Healthcare from One Million Undocumented Children?

Chicago, IL – A Republican state representative is filing a bill to strip undocumented children of their All Kids health insurance, but Bruce Rauner has yet to take action or comment on the bill.
According to the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, over 1.6 million Illinois children are enrolled in All Kids, and the GOP legislator says an Auditor General report shows 62% of the program’s participants are undocumented immigrants. So, does Bruce Rauner support stripping healthcare from almost one million undocumented children in Illinois?
“Health insurance for 1 million children is under threat by Bruce Rauner’s GOP, but the failed governor hasn’t said a word about this cruel attack on Illinois kids,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “After being MIA on protecting DACA and CHIP on the national stage, Rauner is AWOL on his own state party stripping healthcare from undocumented Illinois children.”


Michael Berger