As Shutdown Looms, Rauner MIA on DACA and CHIP

Chicago, IL – With Donald Trump intending to singlehandedly end DACA and the Republican-controlled Congress failing to renew CHIP funding amid a looming shutdown, it’s time for Bruce Rauner to speak out about his party’s efforts to end vital programs that will hurt thousands of Illinoisans.
Democrats in Congress are pushing to keep the two key programs alive, but Rauner hasn’t spoken publicly about his support or opposition for ending legal protections for more than 41,000 young immigrants or health insurance for 255,000 children in low-income families right here in Illinois. Does Bruce Rauner support passing DACA and CHIP funding with the federal budget?
“With Congress deciding the fate of DACA and CHIP and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Illinois children and families hanging in the balance, Bruce Rauner is missing in action,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Once again, Rauner is cowering to Donald Trump instead of protecting Illinoisans from his devastation.”


Michael Berger