Reality Check: Five Questions Rauner Failed to Answer on His Legionnaires Crisis in Quincy

Chicago, IL – While Bruce Rauner’s campaign claims he answered “every question from the press” as he concluded his political stunt in Quincy, the truth is Rauner dodged several questions and left Illinoisans without the answers they deserve.
Here are five questions Rauner failed to answer:

  • Has Rauner reached out to families who lost loved ones in the Quincy Veterans’ Home?
  • What is Rauner’s position on the 11 families suing the state for negligence?
  • Does Rauner support lifting the cap for damages on claims against the state?
  • After 13 deaths and three outbreaks, why did it take a WBEZ investigation for Rauner to announce the creation of a task force or for him to answer to the public about the Legionnaires crisis?  

“Bruce Rauner let the Legionnaires crisis spin out of control and then held a week-long political stunt in Quincy trying to compensate for his fatal mismanagement,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “As Rauner continues to dodge questions, evade responsibility, and desperately try and change the subject, it is clear that our veterans and their families deserve much better than this failed leader.”


Michael Berger