DESPERATE RAUNER: Countless Crises Drive Failed Governor to Run Scared

Chicago, IL – Bruce Rauner is getting desperate. With no accomplishments to run on and growing turmoil surrounding the Quincy Veterans’ Home, this failed governor is desperate to distract from his failed record and inability to lead. Here are five of Desperate Rauner’s countless crises that he would like voters to ignore:

1.    LEGIONNAIRES CRISIS TAKES 13 LIVES: Rauner’s fatal mismanagement of the Legionnaires crisis in Quincy led to 13 deaths and 11 families suing the state for negligence. After seeing the “beginning of an epidemic,” the Rauner administration waited six days to notify the public and residents’ families of an outbreak in 2015. Two more outbreaks occurred each year afterwards, but Rauner’s agency heads continue to defend their failed response. Rauner still refuses to take responsibility.
2.    DAMAGE DONE FROM HIS BUDGET CRISIS: At social service agencies and medical providers across the state, services were cut, hours were reduced, staff were let go, and some were forced to close altogether. State bonds were downgraded to one notch above junk status while the bill backlog tripled to historic highs. After 736-days, Republicans and Democrats came together to end Rauner’s historic crisis.
3.    SCHOOL FUNDING JEOPARDIZED: Rauner vetoed the first bipartisan school funding formula, then claimed credit for passing the historic legislation, only to amendatory veto a trailer bill that now puts the entire formula at risk.
4.    MEDICAID DEAL COSTS SKYROCKETED: Rauner’s MCO scheme violated procurement law, skyrocketed in cost overnight, and has been shrouded in secrecy from day one. This historically massive deal could jeopardize Medicaid in Illinois as dangerously low reimbursement rates threaten to upend the entire system.

5.    SECRET SCANDALS: Former communications chief Diana Rickert is suing Rauner for the public release of emails from First Lady Diana Rauner and top administration officials regarding a state agency and HB 40. Former General Counsel Dennis Murashko also abruptly resigned after penning an ethics memo on the separation of Rauner’s political and government operations.


“After spending three years lurching from crisis to crisis, Bruce Rauner is desperate to distract from his failed record as governor,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “With his fatal mismanagement of the Legionnaires crisis, damage done to working families across the state, brewing scandals, and new school funding turmoil, this Desperate Rauner can’t run on his record so he’s running scared from the truth.”


Michael Berger