After Quincy Visit, Does Bruce Rauner Bear Any Moral Responsibility For Veterans’ Home Deaths?

Chicago, IL – While Bruce Rauner wraps up his political stunt in Quincy with a press conference at the Veterans’ home, a question Rauner dodged twice remains unanswered. After spending a week with Veterans at the facility where 13 died from Legionnaires on Rauner’s watch, does the governor bear any moral responsibility for the 13 deaths in Quincy?

WATCH: “Moral Responsibility”

In 2014, Rauner insisted that his opponent take responsibility for failings at a state agency, but now Rauner fails to hold himself to the same standard.
“While the General Assembly investigates the Legionnaires crisis in Quincy, this failed governor continues to evade responsibility,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Thirteen heroes and spouses died from a treatable disease due to Bruce Rauner’s fatal mismanagement and it is time this governor take responsibility and provide real answers instead of political stunts.”


Michael Berger