Rauner ‘Deciding’ Which HB 40 Promise to Break

Will Flip Flopping Rauner Break His 2014 Promise or 2017 Promise?

Chicago, IL — The clock is ticking as Bruce Rauner decides which promise to break on HB 40. Rauner has 59 days to act on the bill that protects reproductive rights in Illinois, but he’s promised to both support and oppose the measure.
In 2014, Rauner promised he’d be a pro-choice governor and wrote in a questionnaire that he would support each component of HB 40. But in April 2017, Rauner promised to veto the critical bill, and now says he’s still “deciding how we handle it.” With the bill sitting on his desk, Rauner must decide which Illinois voters to abandon. 
“Bruce Rauner has gone from yes, to no, to undecided on HB40 in a shameless attempt to pander to voters,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Now his time is up and this spineless governor must decide which promise to break and which Illinoisans to betray.”


Anna Rosenfeld