Damage Done: Rauner Tries to Attract Business to an Economy He Destroyed

Chicago, IL — Bruce Rauner is on a trade mission to Asia this week, but he might have issues drumming up business after his manufactured budget crisis devastated the Illinois economy.  
Let’s look at the ways the Illinois economy has suffered under Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership:

  • Infrastructure CrumblingOne in every three miles of roads and one in ten bridges is heading for unacceptable condition next year.
  • Credit Ratings DowngradedFive Illinois universities were downgraded to junk status, and the state credit rating remains only one notch above junk status.
  • Population ShrinkingFor three consecutive years, Illinois has lost more population than any other state.
  • Roadwork Suspended20,000 IDOT employees were temporarily laid off, costing the state $34 million in economic activity and one week of work.

"Bruce Rauner devastated the economy, bad mouthed the state, and is now trying to convince businesses to come to Illinois," said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. "If Rauner wants to attract businesses, he should figure out how to lead our state instead of running it into the ground."


Anna Rosenfeld