Damage Done: Rauner Pushes Doctors to "Brink of Closure"

Chicago, IL –  This week it was reported that Metro East doctors have been “pushed to the brink” by Bruce Rauner's 736-day budget crisis, and the ones feeling it the most are treating high numbers of Medicaid patients.
To make up for extraordinarily late bills under Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership, doctors are maxing out their credit, dipping into personal savings, forgoing their salaries, and cutting staff and hours. Some patients may see their doctors run out of business and have their treatment plans disrupted.
Dr. David Norman, a Belleville doctor specializing in child abuse pediatrics, told Side Effects Public Media:

I don’t want to turn these highest-risk patients away, because you feel like, these are the kids that you really can intervene and make a difference,” Dr. Norman says. “And they’re making it harder and harder and harder to do it.”

"While Bruce Rauner remains silent on Donald Trump’s attacks on healthcare in Illinois, Rauner’s manufactured budget crisis continues to devastate medical providers across the state," said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. "With doctors forced to turn away patients and jeopardize treatment plans, it’s clear that Bruce Rauner’s damage is done. Illinois needs a leader like JB, who recognizes that healthcare is a right and not a privilege."


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