Crisis Creatin’ Rauner Releases New Video: ‘Get Educated’

Bruce Rauner Doesn’t Know What’s in His Own School Funding Plan or How to Pass It

Chicago, IL – Crisis Creatin’ Rauner released a new video today called ‘Get Educated,’ highlighting the fact that Bruce Rauner doesn’t know what’s in his own education funding plan, let alone how to pass it.
Over the past few weeks, Bruce Rauner and his team of "superstars" have stumbled over basic questions about his school funding plan. Rauner could not answer simple questions about where the numbers in his plan came from and did not know the basic legislative process needed to pass it. As Rauner would say: outrageous.  


"Bruce Rauner and his team of 'superstars' need to get educated on their own school funding plan and the basic legislative process needed to pass it," said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. "It's outrageous that funding for schoolchildren across the state is being held hostage to this incompetent administration and this failed governor's radical agenda."


Crisis Creatin' Rauner