Rauner Takes a Sham Victory Lap on School Funding Bill He Doesn’t Understand

Chicago, IL — Today, Bruce Rauner took a sham victory lap after the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill to end his latest manufactured crisis. But Rauner made it clear he has no idea what is actually in the recently passed school funding formula.

The bill passed by the state legislature would give Chicago more money than SB 1, a bill Rauner vetoed and derided as a "Chicago bailout," but this appeared to be news to Bruce Rauner. Unsurprisingly, Rauner’s lack of understanding of what’s actually in the bill did not stop the failed governor from attempting to claim credit for a deal he had no part in negotiating.

"Bruce Rauner manufactured a school funding crisis, forced others to clean up his mess, and now doesn't understand the compromise he's signing," said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. "This is a sham victory lap by a failed governor."


Anna Rosenfeld