Governor Junk Returns: Rauner Veto Could Lead to Credit Downgrades

Fitch: Illinois Veto Jeopardizes School Funding And Ratings

Chicago, IL – Just as the threat of junk status seemed to subside when lawmakers overrode Bruce Rauner’s reckless budget veto, Fitch Ratings is back with a new warning and they lay the blame squarely on our failed governor. The ratings agency warned that school funding and ratings are in danger because of Bruce Rauner’s latest veto on Senate Bill 1.
Rauner's recklessness would not only force cash-strapped school to scramble in the short-term to pay their bills, but their long-term debt would become even costlier. All of this, of course, was completely avoidable if Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 1—a bill that he 90% agrees with.
"Bruce Rauner's damage is done, yet he's throwing this state into another crisis with the fiscal health of our entire public education system hanging in the balance," said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. "Once again, we are at risk of credit downgrades and economic collapse because this failed governor is incapable of leading our state."


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