#FlashbackFriday: Rauner Said Leaders “Take the Blame When Things Don’t Go Well”

Rauner in 2014: “Leaders Take Arrows… Take the Heat and You Take the Blame When Things Don’t Go Well”

Chicago, IL — In 2014, then-candidate Bruce Rauner made his pitch to business leaders by saying “I’m not a politician” and promising to “take arrows” when things go wrong. Rauner said leaders “take on the responsibility and you take the heat and you take the blame when things don’t go well, but you give the credit to your team.” 



Fast forward to today, with an administration in absolute turmoil, the Bruce Rauner who said he would take responsibility is nowhere to be found. Yesterday, Rauner went so far as to name names as he threw his staff under the bus for his own failure to address blatant racism from the Illinois Policy Institute. If leaders “take the blame when things don’t go well,” then what does that make Bruce Rauner?
“In Bruce Rauner’s own words, leaders ‘take arrows.’ What Bruce Rauner has done as governor is take those arrows and hurl them at everyone around him,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “As we’ve seen time and again from this governor, he takes no responsibility for his failure to lead this state and instead makes his staff, allies, and Illinois families expendable as long as it advances his own interests.”


Anna Rosenfeld