The Cost Illinois Has Paid for 37 Days of Rauner Turmoil

Chicago, IL – Last night, Bruce Rauner’s entire communications team was forced to resign in what is being called the “Wednesday Night Massacre.” This comes just 37 days after Rauner made a desperate attempt to reboot his term as governor and improve his re-election chances by bringing on new staff.
While the failed governor is busy tending to his ever-changing and ever-blundering staff, the impact of his incompetence has been felt by families across the state. The fumbles, the poor policy decisions, the inaction, and the just flat out incompetence has already left a mark on our state.
In just 37 days since his new team was in place, here's how Bruce Rauner unleashed havoc on Illinois:

  • July 17Promoted phony school funding numbers after vetoing SB 1
  • July 19: Failed to promptly respond to a natural disaster
  • July 25Didn’t know how a bill actually becomes a law
  • July 26Remained silent as Donald Trump and Republicans tried to repeal Obamacare without a replacement
  • August 2: Received criticism from Fitch that his SB 1 veto “jeopardizes school funding and ratings”
  • August 4: Unleashed statewide “collateral damage” through his SB 1 amendatory veto
  • August 7: Pushed doctors to the “brink of closure”
  • August 8: Botched school funding numbers causing a delay of ISBE’s analysis
  • August 10: Became the first governor in state history to miss a payment to public schools
  • August 13: Suffered a fifth bipartisan veto override after the Senate overrode his veto of SB 1
  • August 14: Refused to call the Charlottesville attacks terrorism
  • August 14: Left contracts for social services in limbo 
  • August 15: Failed residents with developmental disabilities according to a brutal court ruling
  • August 16: Didn’t get a single vote in favor of his school funding plan 
  • August 17: Received a warning from Moody’s that dozens of schools may see “deteriorated credit within months”
  • August 18: Vetoed bills that increase transparency in state spending, expand democratic elections, and let caretakers who serve Illinoisans with disabilities work overtime
  • August 21: Vetoed another bill that helped “low-income students qualify for federal SNAP benefits”
  • August 22: Blamed by S&P for bringing “heightened vulnerability” after refusing to refinance state debt
  • August 22: Doubled down on refusing to call out racism because Rauner is a “white male”
  • August 23: Came full circle and went full on Trump with his latest staff purge

“In just 37 days, the brazen incompetence of the ‘Best Team in America’ has created crisis after crisis as Illinois families pay the price. Bruce Rauner can’t even run his own staff, let alone an entire state,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner’s damage is done.”


Anna Rosenfeld