Bruce Rauner “Doesn’t Have Time” to Address Bigotry and Hate

Chicago, IL — According to a Rauner spokesperson yesterday, Bruce Rauner "doesn't have time to worry about political cartoons." That’s the latest out of the governor’s office on the controversy surrounding the Illinois Policy Institute's racist cartoon that was denounced by the entire Illinois House last Wednesday.
After saying he'd only "heard" about the racist cartoon on Friday, Rauner’s staff doubled down on his non-response Sunday by not just refusing to take a strong stand against the symbol of hate, but also minimizing the discrimination felt by so many in our state. Both Republicans and Democrats were appalled by the blatant display of racism and unanimously condemned it from the House floor. Despite the overwhelming condemnation by the state legislature, Rauner remains silent. 
"Bruce Rauner is the governor of the fifth largest state in the country. Surely he can find time to call out racism from an organization he is closely tied to," said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. "It's time for Rauner to stop being a coward and stand up for Illinois families to make it clear that racism has no place in Illinois." 


Anna Rosenfeld