Yet Another Rough Week for Bruce Rauner and the Best Team In America

Chicago, IL – While Bruce Rauner has had two and half years’ worth of bad weeks, this one was particularly rough for Rauner and “the best team in America.” From taking four days to forcefully speak out about the white supremacist rally and terrorist attack in Charlottesville, to suffering two major legislative losses and blundering major live interviews, Bruce Rauner made it a week to remember.
 Let’s take a look back:

  • LAST FRIDAY: Rauner botched his first national TV interview with Fox News, stumbling through the eight-minute interview spouting off his “broken” talking points.
  • SATURDAY: The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) finally released Bruce Rauner’s devastating school funding numbers after a debacle between ISBE and the Department of Revenue.
  • SUNDAY: The Senate overrode Rauner’s school funding veto, his fifth bipartisan veto override in just over five weeks.
  • MONDAY: The failed governor refused to call the Charlottesville attacks terrorism and then spun out in a WTTW interview, denying that his top aides came from the Illinois Policy Institute.
  • TUESDAY: Rauner landed on the front page of the Sun-Times for his “terror two-step” while an embarrassing report came out that the biggest “winner” of his gut job of SB 1 has “significant concerns” and won’t support it.
  • THURSDAY: Moody’s warned that dozens of schools may see “deteriorated credit within months” after Rauner’s veto prevented state funds from reaching schools statewide.
  • FRIDAY: In a radio interview, Rauner said he’d “heard” about a flagrantly racist cartoon that the entire Illinois House denounced, but still refused to call it out. In the same interview, Rauner was unable to name a single accomplishment from his time in office. Given what this week has looked like for Rauner, it isn’t hard to figure out why.


Anna Rosenfeld