Bruce Rauner: "Uh..."

Chicago, IL — Today, as Bruce Rauner issued his amendatory veto of SB 1, he was called out by reporters for his apparent lack of knowledge on how the process actually works. Rauner’s amendatory veto will have to pass both chambers with a supermajority before it can become law. But Bruce Rauner and his team of “superstars” clearly didn’t know that.

REPORTER: What makes you think that three-fifths of the House and three-fifths of the Senate will agree on any particular thing here?
RAUNER: Well, upholding — Dave, it’s a great question — upholding my, uh, amendatory veto and passing it in concurrence requires a simple majority. Upholding my amendatory veto, supporting the changes I’ve recommended.
REPORTER: Democrats say otherwise because of the immediate effect because it needs to take effect immediately.
RAUNER: So, okay, so, upholding it can be a simple majority, and frankly, um, they could pass a new bill with exactly the changes this afternoon and I could sign it.
REPORTER: They have a Supreme Court opinion that disagrees with your take on a simple majority.
REPORTER: Wouldn’t that be something though that your staff would have found out before you did this? Are you concerned at all that there’s a big difference between a simple majority and three-fifths and this could all blow up?
RAUNER: What we need is fair and equitable funding. This bill should have been sent to my desk, um, June 1st. I acted exactly quickly, exactly as I laid out, exactly as my constitutional authority, um, sets and we’re acting to protect all of our children, all across the state, including the city of Chicago and treating them equitably.

“Bruce Rauner doesn’t understand his own school funding plan, can’t say where his numbers come from, and now doesn’t even know how many votes he needs to pass it,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “This is what happens when a failed governor clings to crisis and surrounds himself with a team of radicals. Illinois schoolchildren should not have to pay the price for this embarrassment in Springfield.”


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