Can IPI Teach Rauner How A Bill Becomes A Law?

Chicago, IL — Bruce Rauner doesn't seem to understand how a bill becomes a law, which is puzzling given this helpful memo from the organization that now staffs his administration — the Illinois Policy Institute.
When the governor issues an amendatory veto, a majority of lawmakers must vote to uphold it. But if a majority of lawmakers don’t agree with the governor, the bill dies. Given that Rauner has done little to no legwork to build coalitions and hasn’t even released language on the amendatory veto, it seems unlikely that a majority is within reach. Unless, of course, his “messaging” is winning lawmakers over.
Without those votes in support, the amendatory veto is actually just a veto. Rauner will kill the bill and prevent schools from opening on time, creating another crisis that hurts millions of Illinoisans.
“Forcing crises and trying to message them in your favor is not governing,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Release a plan, reach a compromise, and build a coalition. The education of Illinois children is on the line and Bruce Rauner remains entirely unwilling to lead this state.”


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