Will Bruce Rauner Condemn His New Staffer’s Atrocious Remarks?

His Latest Radical Hire “Compared Abortion To Nazi Eugenics”

Chicago, IL — Another Bruce Rauner hire is the subject of controversy after the Chicago Sun-Times discovered an appalling blog post she wrote that “compared abortion to Nazi eugenics.” Responding to the reports, the Rauner administration said to quote the staffer’s past writing with “full context.”
In that spirit, here is her full article, brazenly titled An Inconvenient Analogy: Abortion, Eugenics, and Nazi Germany. In it, she explains, “Certainly nothing matches the atrocity of the Holocaust, but it’s undeniable that abortion is being used to rid the world of "disabled and other ‘unwanted’ persons”—a fact the Left and their pro-abortion allies don’t want discussed.”
Rauner filling his administration with radical social conservatives should come as no surprise. Rauner said he didn’t have a social agenda on the campaign trail, but he then abandoned Illinois women as governor, pledging to veto HB 40. This is a bill that ensures all Illinois women have access to reproductive healthcare.
The Rauner administration’s vague and distant response to their latest controversy begs the question: Will Bruce Rauner condemn his new staffer’s atrocious remarks?
“Rauner's decision to stand by and say nothing when a member of his staff makes such an atrocious comparison tells Illinois women all they need to know about their failed governor," said Pritzker campaign communications director Galia Slayen. "Comparing the right to choose to the Nazis is indefensible and has no place in the governor's office. This is an administration being taken over by radical ideologues, intent on furthering the Trump agenda of bigotry and hatred."


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