Koch Brothers Sweep in To Do Bruce Rauner’s Dirty Work

Koch-Funded Attacks Begin On Legislators Who Voted Against Rauner

Chicago, IL — The Koch brothers launched new attacks on 16 state legislators who voted to override Bruce Rauner’s reckless budget veto. Americans for Prosperity-Illinois, the local dark money group funded by the Koch brothers, announced their new digital and direct mail campaign earlier today.
Two weeks ago to the day, Bruce Rauner suffered an embarrassing defeat after bipartisan members of the General Assembly successfully overrode his veto four times. In the weeks since, nearly two dozen members of Rauner’s staff were either fired or resigned in protest, as Rauner staffed up with new right-wing hires from the Koch network funded Illinois Policy Institute.
As Bruce Rauner prepares for an all-out war to force his special interest agenda on Illinois, it comes as no surprise that the Koch brothers would send in their attack dogs to do Rauner’s dirty work.
“Bruce Rauner and the Koch brothers are ready to punish anyone who isn’t fully committed to propping up their failing agenda,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “After a mortifying public defeat, it’s clear that Rauner, his new team of radical right-wing staff, and the Koch network will continue working to create devastation across our state.”


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