Right, Radical, and Just Plain Out There: The Greatest Hits of Bruce Rauner’s New Hires

Chicago, IL — The Rauner administration is continuing its dramatic shift to the right, bringing in new hires with extremist records and little governing experience. One staffer didn’t even last a day after Politico uncovered his "history of writing racially-charged, homophobic and sexually explicit tweets."
The remaining “superstars” — hailing from the Illinois Policy Institute and Scott Walker’s office — have long records of Koch-funded, extreme right-wing views. As this new team readies to radicalize the Rauner administration, here are just a few of the proposals they’ve advocated for:

  • FIRE EVERYONE: To solve the state’s pension problems, Rauner could just "lay off the entire state workforce, and close the pension system." 
  • SHUT DOWN THE STATE: Upcoming strike? Just shut down the state. "A government shutdown might be exactly what Illinois needs."
  • STATE BANKRUPTCY: Congress should "allow states to file for bankruptcy."
  • UNEQUAL PAY: No need to worry about the gender pay gap. Women are paid less than men because of "various biological, social and cultural differences," and not because of unfair treatment.
  • VOUCHERIZE SCHOOL FUNDING: Charter schools need more money. Congress should "'voucher-ize' federal dollars for education."

"Rauner’s new staff have long records of advocating for policies that would slash state government, hurt working families, and destroy public education – so Bruce Rauner obviously decided to let them try running the state," said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. "Considering how devastating Rauner’s first two and a half years in office have been for Illinois families, it’s no surprise he hired a team of amateurs and radicals."


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