Bruce Rauner Stumbles Through Defense Of Another Reckless Veto

Senate Bill 1 Would Ensure Schools Open On Time

Chicago, IL — Six weeks ago, Bruce Rauner called Senate Bill 1 a “good” bill that he supports. Fast forward to yesterday, and Rauner embarked on a media tour to explain his way out of another reckless veto.

Short on staff and surrounded by a team of amateurs and radicals, Rauner stumbled through his justifications for vetoing a bill that he 90% agrees with. At one point Rauner argued:

“Don’t threaten to hold up schools opening. Don’t threaten our teachers. Don’t threaten our students with your extortion tactics that you’ve been using for years.”

While a more than valid sentiment, this is coming from a governor who manufactured a 736-day budget crisis to force a special interest agenda on his state and is now jeopardizing schools opening on time unless he gets 100% of his way.

“Bruce Rauner supported this bill six weeks ago, but after he faced a stunning loss from bipartisan members of the General Assembly, Rauner is now laser focused on getting a political victory no matter what the cost,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner is as ruthless and reckless as the new team of radicals he has surrounded himself with and the blameless governor is willing to sacrifice the education of Illinois children until he gets what he wants."


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