"Walker Leads, Rauner Stumbles" Twice This Week

Rauner Still Silent on Health Care, Slow on Natural Disaster Response

Chicago, IL – As Bruce Rauner's administration implodes, Illinois is suffering from a complete lack of leadership, an unfortunately glaring contrast with neighboring governor Scott Walker this week. Politico reports, “Walker’s actions have only sharpened the focus on Rauner’s radio silence.”
On health care, Scott Walker — one of the most conservative governors in the United States — has taken a stand against Donald Trump’s attempt to strip coverage from 22 million Americans. If Trump is successful, over one million Illinoisans could lose coverage, including 650,000 losing Medicaid. But Bruce Rauner refuses to break his negligent silence.
Rauner's abdication of his basic responsibilities to lead this state extended beyond Trumpcare this week. Rauner failed to visit the site of a natural disaster in Illinois and waited days before declaring a state of emergency. While Walker did so quickly, Rauner was too busy cleaning house in his administration, firing loyalists and bringing in radical right-wing staff from the Illinois Policy Institute.

“Instead of doing his job, Bruce Rauner is busy shaking up his administration while remaining stunningly silent on health care and ignoring crises in his state," said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. "Even Scott Walker joined the chorus opposing Trumpcare, but Bruce Rauner still won't say a word. It's time for Rauner to put governing first, and campaigning second."


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