School Funding Uncertainty "Has The Potential To Become A Crisis"

Chicago, IL – Educators from around the state are bracing for impact as Bruce Rauner’s next crisis looms. Schools may not be able to open next month if SB 1 is not signed by the governor, who has vowed to veto the bill even though he supports 90% of the funding plan.
Crain’s describes the unprecedented nature of Bruce Rauner’s imminent school funding crisis: “The prospect of hundreds of schools not opening after summer break would be the greatest political showdown ever in this state. Brace yourselves.”
School bookkeepers are crunching numbers to see how long they can stay open without state funds, and it’s not looking good. The Chicago Tribune reports that an Illinois State Board of Education rating shows about 115 school districts are in “troubling” territory.
The executive director of the Illinois Association of School Boards says the state not releasing funds to schools on time "has the potential to become a crisis." A south Cook County school superintendent added, "these are things that keep me up at night."
“Students, parents, and teachers have been thrown into the crosshairs of Bruce Rauner’s next manufactured crisis,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Illinois already has one of the least equitable school funding formulas in the country, and it's clear that all Rauner and his new 'superstar' team will do is inflict more pain and damage across our state." 


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