Reports Detail The Lasting Damage Of Bruce Rauner’s 736-Day Budget Crisis

Chicago, IL — While bipartisan legislators stopped Bruce Rauner from driving the state off of a fiscal cliff by overriding his desperate and reckless budget veto, the reports coming after his 736-day manufactured crisis show the damage is done.

Former Republican Gov. Jim Edgar puts the blame squarely on Rauner, telling the New York Times, “He’s the governor, and he’s the one responsible […] The damage that has been done in the last two years is extensive, and it’s going to cost to get that resolved.”
A budget does not erase the cost of Bruce Rauner’s devastation and the magnitude of the suffering in Illinois. When the IDOT shutdown put 20,000 road construction jobs in jeopardy, it cost the state at least $34 million and one week of work. A budget does not erase that.
The accounts from leaders of our schools and social services agencies demonstrate continued suffering that will take years to rectify:


"So much of our energy had to be siphoned off on kind of basic survival." — Elaine P. Maimon, President of Governors State University
“It will take years to fix this devastation.” — Sara Moscato Howe, CEO of Illinois Association for Behavioral Health
“We were basically down to a zero-based budget, or actually spending more than in our education fund than we were bringing in…” — Bob Green, Superintendent in Collinsville
"It'll take a long time before (the state) catches up." — Merri Ex, CEO of Family Focus
It’s going to take some time to put human services back together.” — John Kelker, President of United Way of Central Illinois

“So it is a bare-bones operation in our schools now.” — Susan Sarfaty, St. Clair County Regional Superintendent


“Bruce Rauner’s 736-day manufactured crisis leaves a never-ending tragic trail of devastation in our most vulnerable communities,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “This governor failed Illinois and the magnitude of that failure will leave our state reeling for years to come.”


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