Damage is Done: Medicaid Provider Threatens to Abandon Illinois Due to Rauner’s Bill Backlog

Chicago, IL — In a vote of no confidence on Bruce Rauner’s failed administration, Aetna Better Health gave notice last week that they will terminate their Illinois Medicaid contracts if Rauner fails to resolve his bill backlog. Aetna is being driven from the state because of a bill backlog of over $14.7 billion dollars, at least $698 million of which is owed to them. This major blow to Illinois Medicaid could disrupt coverage for approximately 235,000 working class Illinoisans.

Aetna’s threat to withdraw comes days after a federal court was forced to step in and order Bruce Rauner to pay $293 million to Medicaid providers per month, and to pay down $1 billion of the state’s backlog over the next fiscal year. While a bipartisan group of legislators came together to end Bruce Rauner’s manufactured budget crisis, the damage Rauner inflicted continues to wreak havoc across the state.

“It is no wonder companies like Aetna are threatening to leave the state,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Bruce Rauner manufactured a 736-day crisis, vetoed a bill to end that crisis, and still refuses to take any responsibility for his failed leadership. Rauner’s damage is done and the fallout continues.”


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