Tick Tock: 705 Days Without a Budget

Bruce Rauner Claims State Is On A "Good Path” Over 700 Days Into Budget Crisis

Chicago, IL – Last week, as Bruce Rauner stumbled past 700 days without a state budget, the failed governor sat down for an array of media interviews to justify the historic crisis. But Illinois families looking for a new explanation or even an acknowledgement of just how bad things have become, were met with familiar, robotic talking points.
In an interview with WBEZ’s Tony Sarabia, Rauner was pressed on his scripted and repetitive responses on the state’s budget crisis. His response?

“Well Tony, when we’re on a path, a good path to change the system, there’s no reason for different answers.”

Illinois families beg to differ. Let’s take a look at what a “good path” looks like under Bruce Rauner's failed leadership:

  • Historic 705-day budget crisis with no path forward and no willingness on the part of Rauner to come to the negotiating table. 
  • Credit downgrades putting Illinois one step from junk status. This is the worst bond rating for any state in history and so bad that Illinois state law would forbid the state from purchasing its own bonds. 
  • Over $14 billion in state debt, as unpaid bills continue to climb and deficit spending becomes more and more expensive.

“For Bruce Rauner to say that Illinois is on a 'good path' is an insult to families across the state who are suffering at the hands of his manufactured crisis,” said Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner refuses to negotiate as he continues to hold our state hostage and fails to force his destructive agenda. The only 'path' Illinois is on under Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership is a path to complete devastation. His tired talking points aren’t going to change that.”