Tick Tock: 702 Days Without a Budget

Bruce Rauner “Not Surprised” As Crisis He Created Wreaks Havoc on Illinois

Chicago, IL – Yesterday, on day 701 without a budget, S&P and Moody’s downgraded Illinois’ bonds to one step above junk status. This is the lowest rating ever for any state in the country. Failed Governor Bruce Rauner’s response

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more ratings downgrades. There should be.”

To be clear, further downgrades will lower the Illinois bond rating to junk status. This will do irrevocable harm to the state, which Rauner’s ‘wait and see’ approach is unlikely to fix.
This flippant response came in an interview with CBS Chicago, one of the many interviews Rauner sat for yesterday as part of his ‘I failed to pass a budget again’ media tour. The station noted that Rauner’s “spirits are still up" 702 days into a devastating crisis in the state he is supposed to lead. 
“Illinoisans aren’t surprised that Bruce Rauner failed to pass a budget. They aren’t surprised he can’t figure out how to lead this state. And they aren’t surprised he can’t be bothered to do the job he was elected to do,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “After 700 days of Bruce Rauner driving this state into the ground, this is sadly what Illinois families have come to expect. Bruce Rauner is a failed governor and he shouldn’t be surprised when he is voted out of office next November.”