Tick Tock: 730 Days Without A Budget

The Looming Consequences of Bruce Rauner’s Devastating Leadership

Chicago, IL — After 730 days of Bruce Rauner failing to pass a budget, things are bad, but they’re about to get a lot worse. With Rauner just one day away from stumbling into a third fiscal year without a budget, here are just some of the impending consequences:

  • JUNK STATUS: Ratings agencies are set to downgrade Illinois bonds to junk status. This is the first time in history that a U.S. state’s bonds will be considered junk.
  • ROADWORK TERMINATED: The Illinois Department of Transportation could shut down all roadwork, potentially costing up to $345 million per week and jeopardizing 43,000 jobs.
  • SCHOOLS SHUTDOWN: Children across Illinois would be unable to attend school as the lack of state funding forces school districts to shut down.
  • SOCIAL SERVICES DECIMATED: Social service organizations across the state, already in crisis, could be forced to close, putting vulnerable Illinoisans at risk.  
  •  COURT ORDERS VIOLATED: The state would become a deadbeat debtor, unable to meet even its court-ordered payments beginning August 1st.

"We're approaching a third fiscal year without a budget and our bond rating is about to go to junk, but Illinoisans can find Bruce Rauner sitting at his desk waiting for someone else to do his job," said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. "Governor Junk has driven this state to the edge of a fiscal cliff and he is about to slam his foot on the gas."


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