Tick Tock: 727 Days Without A Budget

“Mass Layoff” Hits Early Childhood Development Center While Rauner Visits Iowa 

Chicago, IL — Family Focus, an early childhood development center with seven locations across the Greater Chicagoland area, has announced a “mass layoff” amid the historically-long budget crisis manufactured by Bruce Rauner. A stunning 71% of their staff is being let go to end a “severe cash flow crisis” as they wait for $2.7 million in state payments. That amounts to another 100 jobs lost under Rauner’s failed leadership.
Meanwhile, Bruce Rauner spent his day yesterday visiting Iowa to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony and is the happiest he’s been in 20 years.
"For two and a half years, Bruce Rauner has been utterly tone deaf, saying that 'we’ll take short-term pain for big long-term gain.' But these are people we're talking about, not line items on a budget," said JB Pritzker. "This is not short term. These are children. You can’t unhurt a child. You can’t redo childhood. The children and families who lose access to these services will be permanently affected. Is Rauner’s special interest agenda worth endangering the lives and well-being of the 17,000 families Family Focus serves?"


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