Tick Tock: 721 Days Without a Budget

5 Questions for Bruce Rauner After Last Night’s “Unity” Address

Chicago, IL — Yesterday, on day 720 without a state budget, Bruce Rauner decided it was time to address the state. After 3 years of skyrocketing debt, spiraling bond status, and divisive leadership, Rauner provided Illinois families with a 3-minute, approximately 500 word Facebook speech calling for "unity."

Since Bruce Rauner did not stick around for questions and the 3-minute speech was short on details, here are five questions that Bruce Rauner still needs to answer:

  1. What took so long? Illinois is 721 days into a devastating budget crisis, over $15 billion in state debt, and our bond rating is near junk status. Where was Rauner 720 days ago? 
  2. Will Bruce Rauner come to the negotiating table and compromise with Democrats?Rauner’s “compromise” budget was drafted in secret by Republicans and is entirely lacking in any actual compromise. Repackaging the same special interest agenda Rauner has been pushing all along and calling it a compromise is not going to get the job done.
  3. Will Bruce Rauner sign SB1? This is critical school funding reform legislation that Bruce Rauner 90% agrees with. Unity requires compromise. This would be a good place for Rauner to start.
  4. How long until this speech ends up in campaign ads? Despite speaking in his official capacity as governor, the speech was advertised on Rauner’s campaign social media accounts and it’s not like good press is easy to come by for the failed governor.
  1. What now? Bruce Rauner called a special legislative session costing Illinois taxpayers $40,000 a day. He is kicking off that session with 3-minute Facebook address calling on the legislature to unite behind a partisan budget that is dead on arrival. Not off to the best start.  

“Unity does not mean forcing our state to 'unite' behind the special interest agenda Bruce Rauner has used to drive this state into the ground,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Unity requires leadership and compromise and Rauner displayed none of that in his 3-minute sham address. This is more of the same and 720 days into a historic budget crisis, Illinois simply can’t afford it. Bruce Rauner should do his job and chart a real path forward towards a fair budget for Illinois. Calls for unity from a failed leader who has been nothing but divisive will get us nowhere.”


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