Tick Tock: 719 Days Without a Budget

Crisis Creatin’ Rauner Releases Snapchat Filters for Rauner’s Cocktail Fundraiser

Chicago, IL – Today, on day 719 without a state budget, Bruce Rauner will be the special guest at a $10,000 cocktail fundraiser for the Illinois Republican Party. To recognize the incredibly tone-deaf event, Crisis Creatin’ Rauner is releasing Snapchat filters highlighting Bruce Rauner’s destructive leadership. 
While Rauner enjoys cocktails with donors, families, schools, and social service agencies continue to pay the price for his manufactured crises. Check out the new filters highlighting his failures:

Last week, Bruce Rauner called a special session of the state legislature, after once again failing to pass a budget during regular session. But attendees of tonight’s cocktail fundraiser shouldn’t be concerned. The special session conveniently doesn’t start until Wednesday. 
“Instead of working to pass a budget, Bruce Rauner is attending a cocktail fundraiser and releasing campaign attack ads. Leadership means working hard and bringing people together, but Rauner has proven entirely incapable on both fronts,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Illinoisans want a balanced budget and a governor able to deliver one. Until Bruce Rauner decides to do what is right and negotiate a fair budget for Illinois, we will continue to call him out and hold him accountable.”


Crisis Creatin' Rauner