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Chicago Sun-Times Blasts Bruce Rauner on Education Funding

Chicago, IL – Yesterday, the Chicago Sun-Times blasted Bruce Rauner for planning to veto an education funding bill, despite supporting 90% of the legislation.
The editorial board notes the new funding formula would “adhere to principles laid out by a bipartisan school funding reform commission.”

This is the same commission that Bruce Rauner formed after paying lip service to school funding reform for years. As the Sun-Times points out, “if the bill is not a custom fit with the governor’s own preferences for school financing, it’s worth noting he could have directed the commission to write specific legislation, but he did not.”

Proposing solutions and working towards compromise is not this governor’s style. As the editorial board states:

“We can only wonder, as we have before, about the governor’s notions when it comes to compromise. Sign the bill when it reaches your desk, governor. Grab a win.”


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