Pritzker Campaign Launches New Digital Ads Holding Rauner Accountable on Education Funding

Ads Utilize New Tool from Facebook to Connect Illinoisans Directly to Bruce Rauner

Chicago, IL – Today, the JB for Governor campaign launched new digital ads holding Bruce Rauner accountable for planning to veto an education funding bill he mostly supports. The new ads will be part of the multimedia Crisis Creatin’ Rauner Campaign, designed to highlight Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership and the Illinois families paying the price.

Rauner talked about fixing school funding reform for years, even forming a task force on the issue, and supports 90% of the bill, but is still cowardly abandoning the issue and his responsibility to Illinois families and students.
The digital ad campaign will hold Rauner accountable, with Facebook ads allowing Illinoisans across the state to contact their failed governor with a single click. This brand-new feature will ensure that Rauner is accessible to the Illinois families and students he is letting down. The ad campaign will also include banner ads on local online publications across the state.
"Bruce Rauner refuses to stand with Illinois families demanding he fix the school funding formula and invest in the education of our students. It is time he hears directly from them,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Bruce Rauner has no idea what it means to lead and compromise, so much so that he can’t bring himself to sign critical legislation that he 90% agrees with. Either his talk on fixing school funding was just another political stunt or Rauner is unable to put aside his stubborn agenda for the benefit of Illinois students. Either way, Illinois families are angry and it is time Bruce Rauner starts listening.”


Crisis Creatin' Rauner