Tick Tock: 713 Days Without A Budget

Another Day, Another Horrible Headline Under Bruce Rauner's Failed Leadership

Chicago, IL — Bruce Rauner’s record-setting budget crisis has inundated Illinoisans with dismal news stories of his daily devastation. Credit ratings are tanking, social service agencies are closing, colleges and universities are slashing budgets and getting downgraded to "junk" status. 
So what’s the latest story to come out of Raunerland?

As if the headline wasn’t bad enough, the story goes on to describe our fiscal climate under Bruce Rauner:

Illinois has the dubious distinction now of being the only state to have operated without a complete and balanced budget for the past 700 days. Instead, it has been forced to conduct business under court-ordered spending and stop-gap measures while running up a massive deficit.

But beyond just stating the obvious — that Bruce Rauner is driving our state into the ground — and contemplating if Illinois will go bankrupt, the news story went on to draw similarities between Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump:

Just as President Trump would do two years later in his campaign, Rauner boasted of his shrewd talents as a businessman and investor. He vowed to apply his keen business sense and instincts to running the state government. Today, things are no better.
The latest fiscal crisis flare-up in Springfield coincided with similar signs of dysfunction and discord in the nation’s capital. Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress are at odds on budget and spending priorities, health care reform and tax policy, and even the timing for raising the debt ceiling to avert a first-ever default on Treasury borrowing.
Congressional Republican leaders and the White House repeatedly have voiced confidence that they can work out their differences and pass major legislation this year. But the situation in Illinois offers a bracing warning of how complicated and politically charged budget issues can spin out of control.

“Bruce Rauner is the original Donald Trump, a bully businessman who wants to impose his right-wing, special interest agenda on our state,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “For 713 days, Bruce Rauner has held this state hostage, unleashing havoc and creating a crisis for our families. Illinois is careening towards a fiscal cliff and Rauner refuses to take his foot off of the gas.”


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